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Free Tutoring

As a member, your student has access to a vast array of academic resources such as Free tutoring, access to financial aid assistance to attend a Christian or Private school and individualized attention to discipline, youth leadership and academic improvement.  Please Contact Us for more information.



We have a wide variety of sports and fitness programs to choose from such as football, basketball, spring tackle, soccer, flag football and cheer.  Each sport is staff by experience members in their field and all staff members are mentors, like skills coaches that install discipline and leadership quality in the youth.  Click Here to See Athletic Fees or To Get Started

Career Resources

Through our partnership with We Job Search, as a member of the Maryland Youth Athletic Association, members have access to both entry level, virtual assistant, experienced and managerial level jobs in both the government sector and the private sectors.  

Organized & Structured

We are well structured, organized and instill discipline, teamwork and positive fellowship.  We invite you to get to know us.  Our staff is experienced and well trained.  See About Us.

Positive Fellowship

As a Christian based organization, we take pride to ensure that we lead by example, pray daily and encourage parents and students to belong to good church homes. 

Family Fun

The entire family can come out and enjoy fun, excitement and competitive games each weekend.  Not only are the kids having fun, the entire family enjoys the atmosphere. 

Academic Excellence

We require students to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in order to continue to participate in sports and fitness programs.  This standard is upheld across all sports.

You’ve Come to the Right Place

The Maryland Youth Athletic Association is a premier organization that strives to provide winning teams, academic excellence and seek and save the lost through leading by example and offering access to good bible teaching churches through our network of parents and church communities. 

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