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Service & Academic Excellence is our Philosophy

The Maryland Youth Athletic Association (MYAA), member organization under the National Youth Athletic Association (NYAA) and accredited by Youth Sports Review (YSR).  MYAA is a licensed nonprofit partnership foundation dedicated to youth protection, social responsibility, coaching and officiating and the strengthening of academic skills through sports. With parental support and dedicated professionals, MYAA is the premier association for youth athletics. Our Staff is composed of Doctors, Instructors, Teachers, Educators, and Coaches as well as dedicated Professionals towards the youth enrichment experience.

Kimberly Shackelford

Chief Legal Counsel and Co-Founder, Kimberly acts as the organization’s attorney and legal advisory to youth protection policies, ethics and integrity based training.  Kimberly has worked with youth for over 20 years in both the middle and high schools levels for college preparatory training and SAT training.  Currently she works with high school students to provided community outreach services.

Sylvia Griffin

Community Outreach Director.  Sylvia is the former President of the Birchwood Community Association in Partnership with the Glass Manner  Community Association and brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the team.  Sylvia is currently active in communities in both the Birchwood and Glassmanner areas and is essential to the effectiveness of MYAA’s outreach services. 

  • Academic Improvement 85%
  • High School Recruitment Levels 75%
  • Christian School Financial Aid Assistance 55%

Dr. Pastor Solomon Butler

Spiritual Counselor, Pastor Butler of Living Water Worship Center in Washington, DC holds a BA in Pastoral Studies and Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Biblical Studies.  Pastor has a Doctorate of Ministry from Howard University and is currently working with Youth in the DC Public Schools.  Pastor Butler has over 30 years of experience working with youth. 

Pastor Daryl Fiddermon

Youth Leadership Director, Pastor Fiddermon is currently Pastor of Bethel Free Methodist Church in Allentown Maryland and has over 30 years of experience working with youth and preaching the Gospel.  Pastor Fiddermon is currently leading the Youth Leadership Program and is a spiritual counselor for many of the parents and youth in the program ensuring quality amongst the youth.

  • Community Outreach Success 100%
  • Social Responsbility Success 100%
  • Parental Support Ratings 85%

Pastor Jeff Williams

Academic Curriculum Specialist.  Minister Williams along with his Wife Pastor New Life Changing Ministry in Upper Marlboro, MD.  Pastor Williams strives to ensure the Academic Excellence amongst the youth in the MYAA programs and ensures that all parents have the resources they need in order for their children to excel academically and that students succeed.

John Shackelford

Athletic Director & Co-Founder, John has a BBA in Finance and a MBA from the University of Maryland.  John, a former AAU referee for 15 years has over 10 years of teaching experience and 0ver 10 years of coaching experience.  Currently a teacher, John has mentored youth in life skills, tutored in math and works with a variety of educators to bring Academic policy to the organization.  

  • Parent/Child Happiness 100%
  • Parental Support Factors 92%
  • Managerial Effectiveness 100%

Timely Support

We provide very efficient support in a timely manner so that parents who reach out to us for anything, we respond within the a timely and rapid manner. 

Innovative Ideas

We are consistently improving our processes, training and managerial policies in order to ensure that every youth and parent is involved in a safe atmosphere. 

Advanced Technology

We do our best to use the most advanced technology so that your web experience is user friendly, fast and effective streamlining the registration process securely. 

Clear Communication

Parent and Coach communication is important and we strive for the most effective process with our parents to ensure updates are provided quickly and conveniently 

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Back To Basics

The PG County Bears is gearing up for the 2014 Tackle Football season with back to basic fundamental teaching.  To learn more and join the tackle football program, please go to our website www.PGCountyBears.org

Basketball Registration

Register Early for Basketball.  The Basketball season is composed of teams in the age groups of 7u, 9u, 11u, 13u.  Our basketball team is a member of the Metro League Sports Association and compete in a 5 vs. 5 competitive league within the PG County area.  To Sign Up early – Click...

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